Yesterday’s Ring “Punx Not Dead…It’s Just Sleeping” 7″


We are excited to announce the first single from Yesterday’s Ring’s upcoming album, “Diamonds in the Ditch”. The single features the first single, “œPunx, Not Dead, It’s Just Sleeping” on the A-side and an unreleased non-album track, “Red Underwear & Cheap Cigars”. The 7″ should be out around the end of March/early April. The single will come with a coupon that will allow you download both songs at 320kbps in mp3 format.

The pressing info is 300 on clear w/ blue splatter, 700 on turquoise / white half and half, This is being co-released with Yo Yo in Germany which means 300 copies of the 1,000 will be released in Europe.

There is also a test pressing contest where you will be entered to win if you order the record.

This single is only a taste of what you can expect from their upcoming double LP/CD.