V/a “Playing 4 Square” 3

Track Listing:

  1. Counterfit -Lying In Traffic
  2. Ted Leo/ Pharmacists -Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?
  3. Black Cross -It Gets Dark So Early
  4. Jealous Sound -Naïve
  5. Goodwill -Let It Go
  6. Oranges Band -OK Apartment
  7. Criteria -The Coincidence
  8. No Knife -Red Bedroom
  9. Over It -Blackball
  10. Communique -Cross Your Heart
  11. Helicopter Helicopter -Helicopter Fight Song
  12. And/Ors -Flexiclocks
  13. Contender -Chalk Bored Outline
  14. Even In Blackouts -Missing Manifesto
  15. Jazz June -These Pills Won’t Calm Your Nerves
  16. Ides Of Space -This Side Of The Screen
  17. June Spirit -Ninety
  18. Pattern -Nothing Of Value
  19. Reputation -The Stars Of Amateur Hour
  20. Track Star -Something To Do
  21. Adventures Of Jet -Emily Mazurinsky
  22. Washdown -It Must Be True
  23. Ultimate Fakebook -When I’m With You, I’m OK

Four great indie labels contribute to this low-priced sampler. This one features great stuff from Kentucky’s Initial, Bay area big shots Lookout! and Negative Progression and Southern California’s Better Looking. Tracks from established acts like Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Ultimate Fakebook, No Knife, Jazz June, and Jealous Sound are joined by upcoming acts like Black Cross, Over It, Counterfit, Oranges Band, Communique, Criteria and more. 23 tracks total!