V/a “No Borders”

Track Listing:

  1. 88 Fingers Louie -Empty Slogans
  2. Downfall -Past Chains
  3. Snapcase -Box Seat
  4. Decay -In Step
  5. Grey Area -Colossus
  6. Lawdeal -For My Right
  7. Indecision -Tunnel Vision
  8. Aggressive Dogs -Clamour KC
  9. Kid Dynamite -Give’Em The Ripped One
  10. Abnormals -Dark Half
  11. Shutdown -Necessary Means
  12. Stompede -Electrical Soda
  13. Fury 66 -Paper Champion
  14. X-Floor Up -Place Of Game
  15. Sick Of It All -Stood For Nothing
  16. Bent Root -Just Bring Your Self
  17. Toe To Toe -The Rat
  18. Stab4Reason -Skeptical Eyes

This compilation showcases some of the best punk rock outfits from those two great lands. You get previously unreleased tracks from: SNAPCASE, DECAY, SHUTDOWN, AGGRESSIVE DOGS, KID DYNAMITE, DOWNFALL, INDECISION, LAWDEAL, 88 FINGER LOUIE, ABNORMALS, FURY 66, STOMPEDE, SICK OF IT ALL, X FLOORS UP, GREY AREA, BENT ROOT and STAB4REASON, as well as an additional song from Australia’s TOE TO TOE.