TIM BARRY “Live at Munford Elementary”


Suburban Home records is proud to announce Tim Barry’s brand new album, “Manchester”. For those of you not familiar with Tim, you may have heard of the band he has spent over 20 years playing with, Avail. Some years back, Tim put together some demos and we loved them so much, we asked if we might be able to put them out. Somehow, Tim agreed. We have since put out “Laurel St Demos”, “Rivanna Junction”, and any day now will have the “Live at Munford Elementary” 7″.

Tim has gone through more this past year than most people have in a lifetime and “Manchester” really documents those experiences. This new album is really special. I know that I am a bit biased, but I would like to go on record to say that Tim Barry has become one of America’s greatest folk songwriters. I can think of few people who craft songs so honest and true. “Manchester” features 12 songs which were recorded with Lance Koehler (who has recorded his other albums) and features many of the same players who have played on his past releases (most notably Josh Small and Caitlin Barry (who is expecting her first child).

Tim has enlisted the help of Buz Blurr who describes himself as “a retired railroad man who indulged in the folk art tradition of making chalk drawings on the railcars as an announcement of presence, and diversion from boredom. Although against the rules of the railroad, it was a common enough practice by the employees and hobos, by ignoring enforcement it was de facto tacit approval, for I dispatched drawings for 32 years of my 41 years of employment without interference.” Buz resides in Arkansas (which he colorfully describes as “Surrealville”) and is well known for his postage stamp and train art. Ryan Patterson of Coliseum put the entire package together.

Pressing info on vinyl (comes with mp3 coupon):

300 on black vinyl
700 on brown vinyl