TIM BARRY “Laurel Street Demo”

Download “Idle Idylist” [mp3]


Like Woody Guthrie, TIM BARRY says he simply writes about what he knows, and what he knows is the American south, in particular, his hometown of Richmond, Virginia, a blue collar NASCAR city rapidly going upscale. As a solo songwriter TIM BARRY’s becoming more of a storyteller, describing the lives and deaths of people on the margins. The characters in TIM BARRY’s songs are, for the most part, beset by bad luck. They’re ex-con drifters dwelling in vans; working folks struggling to live from paycheck to paycheck; hobos riding the rails with no particular destination in mind; people asking for answers in the wake of tragedy. In the spirit of Bruce Springsteen, TIM BARRY relates their tales without whitewashing their flaws or descending into rhetoric — and that, arguably, is Laurel Street’s greatest triumph.