THE RISE “Reclamation Process”


“Reclamation Process” by Austin, Texas’ The Rise is the culmination of a band on fire. Politically, The Rise are as indendiary as any other outfit in America today. Their new record for Reignition Recordings and Suburban Home Records is jam packed with every musical style and artistic influence imaginable. From metal to punk to hardcore to emo to techno to industrial– it’s all here. “Reclamation Process” is nothing short of a visionary rock record.

Track Listing:

  1. Durational Expectancy
  2. The Most Intensive Second Guessing
  3. The Strategy of Social Futurism
  4. The Death of Permanence
  5. Rosenburg Requiem; a Persistence Duet
  6. Time & Change
  7. Information, the Kinetic Image
  8. Limits of Adaptability
  9. In the 800th Lifetime
  10. An Engineered Message
  11. The Collapse of Hierchy
  12. The Day History Stopped Repeating Itself