THE GAMITS “Endorsed By You”


Long-time musicians are notoriously harsh critics of other bands, so when Bobby from The Thumbs gushed to me about how great The Gamits were last year, my ears perked up immediately. He was packing copies of their first vinyl and he sold me a copy. It was good but I wasn’t mailing a postcard home to mama. Later in the year I hooked up with The Gamits’ “This is My Broomstick” CDEP. Wow! I was on the train… Now this 12 song A-Bomb of an album comes along and I’m shaking people by the shoulders trying to get them to listen. You may see me at the shopping mall, I’ll be the crazy guy standing on the bench, brandishing a shrinkwrapped jewelbox and screaming: “Buy this, you jaded fucks!” “Endorsed by You” is fucking amazing! In short: full throttle and heavily produced pop-punk without being the least bit Fat Wrecked or wanky… The Gain may have broken up, but The Gamits have dried my tears completely. It’s cosmically correct that albums by The Gain and The Gamits will sit side by side in your neatly alphebetized CD cabinet–the same food group and equally wonderful. Very sweet package as well, retro and nice. Five fucking stars, a Top 10 2000 poppy punk album. “Endorsed by You” is endorsed by me. (T. Chandler)