THE GAMITS “Antidote”

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Antidote is an amazing punk-inspired, hard- rocking collection of songs that will have the listener singing along in no time and not feeling guilty about it at all! The lyrics go way beyond the average pop punk drivel and reflect on real life experiences. Amusing, and somewhat cynical themes will challenge the listener rather than insult their intelligence. The melodies will take you on a ride and won’t let you go. Combine that with brilliant guitars, a tight rhythm section, plus harmony galore, and you have a new record that could actually mean something in ten years! What? Is this a pop punk record or not? Who knows? It just rocks! The Gamits don’t seem to care what you call it, as long as you listen up! Antidote will help knock down barriers and truly has something to offer any independent/punk rock music fans. The rest of the world has already caught on to the Gamits and with the release of Antidote, it is only a matter of time before the people in the states catch on.