STEREOTYPERIDER “Under The Influence”


Suburban Home is proud to present a new series of releases called “Under the Influence”. The idea behind the new series is to ask bands to cover songs that have influenced their songwriting throughout the years. Stereotyperider were the first band asked to contribute their choices of most influential songs. The band picked a wide variety of songs ranging from The Cure to the Pixies to Seaweed and the resulting ep is nothing short of amazing. This release will give fans a better insight into what makes Stereotyperider tick and will be a great way to be introduced to the band. The liner notes will feature explanations for the song choices and why those selections were so important to the band. This release will also feature the ability to choose between 4 different cover arts, all an homage to the original art for the covered songs. This will be a very exciting new series as they have already secured future contributions from Planes Mistaken For Stars, The Gamits, Mike Park, and much more.