Scott Reynolds and the Steaming Beast “Adventure Boy”

Download “Angel” [mp3]
Download “It’s Christmas Anyway” *Not On Album* [mp3]


When you are Scott Reynolds and you have fronted one of the greatest punk bands on the planet, All, as well as incredible groups like Goodbye Harry and the Pavers, what is there left to do? That is a good question and fortunately, we have the answer. Scott Reynolds latest project, the Steaming Beast, is a natural progression of his past outlets, but if you haven’t been paying attention, it might catch you off guard. The record finds Scott working with multi-instrumentalist Dave Fridmann and Flaming Lip’s member, Steven Drozd which sounds a lot like you imagine it might. The record is the perfect middle ground between All and the Flaming Lips sounding at times like They Might Be Giants and at other times Ween and at other times like Pinback. The record is great and that is all that should matter.

As a long time Scott Reynolds fan, I could not be more excited to be working with this project.