In the fall of 2006, Will and I were on tour with Lucero and Rocky Votolato. Having been friends for a few years and both rolling solo, we decided to ride together and it was over the course of a couple of all day drives that we came up with the idea to do a split 7″, and to do one that was more than just one song by each of us. I think we both gravitated towards doing a murder ballad pretty quickly once we decided to try and make the two sides link up in some way. Once we decided on a murder ballad, we quickly came up with the idea that it would be a love triangle with it unclear which one of us murdered her. I think it was a few days later, we thought of having the chorusof each song be the same, tied around the woman’s name. The name Julianne worked for both of us on a personal level and it’s a good name to sing.
-Sam Lowry

The 7″ features two sides of a love triangle/murder ballad. Sam’s song is from the viewpoint of the husband who is being hung for the murder of his wife, Will’s (Wayword Sons) side is from the viewpoint of the lover who is on the run thinking that he’s been blamed for it.

Track Listing:
1. Sam Lowry – Julianne
2. Wayward Sons – Julianne