PORTUGAL THE MAN “Waiter: You Vultures” LP


We at Vinyl Collective are committed to bringing you the very best releases in the vinyl format. The latest album that we are working on is the debut album from Portugal the Man “Waiter: You Vultures”. The album came out on Fearless Records and when I heard it, I fell in love. The band’s singer was the front man of Anatomy of a Ghost who seemed to have broke up right when they were taking off. Portugal the Man, if forced to compare them to other bands, I would say take a less frantic/crazy Mars Volta and mix that with something you might expect to hear on Kill Rock Stars or Subpop. This vinyl release will be limited to only 500 copies and all of the copies will be on clear vinyl with gold splatters. You might notice that this release has all new artwork which looks absolutely amazing. Dont’ snooze on this one as I expect this one to move rather quickly.

The pressing is limited to 500 copies (on Clear Vinyl w/ gold splatters). The record will be pressed on 140-160 gram vinyl and the record jackets will have Spot Gloss Varnish. Much of the artwork was done by John, singer of Portugal.

Track Listing:
1. How The Leopard Got Its Spots
2. Gold Fronts
3. Stables & Chairs
4. AKA M80 The Wolf
5. Marching With 6
6. Elephants
7. Waiter
8. Chicago
9. Bad, Bad Levi Brown
10. Kill Me. The King
11. Tommy
12. Horse Warming Party
13. Guns.Guns…Guns