THE NOBODYS “I’ve Been Everywhere”


Having spent the better part of the last few years tirelessly touring, recording, and probably getting pretty drunk, Colorado bad boys the NOBODYS pay homage to the many bands they’ve had the honor of touring with, by presenting a new album of covers. You get twelve tracks of love and respect as the lads rip through songs by SICK AND TIRED, QUEERS, DIGGER, GOTOHELLS, JUGHEAD’S REVENGE, AUTOMATICS, PINHEAD CIRCUS, CHIXDIGGIT, GUTTERMOUTH, and JOHNNY CASH (the band just digs his songs).

Track Listing:

  1. No Wonder (by Sick and Tired)
  2. I Like Young Girls (by the Queers)
  3. Leaving Home (by Digger)
  4. Double Fisted (by the Gotohells)
  5. C Biscuit (by Jughead’s Revenge)
  6. Tonight (by Automatics)
  7. Six Down (by Pinhead Circus)
  8. Best Hung Carrot (by Chixdiggit)
  9. Monster Zero (by the Queers)
  10. Die Tonight (by the Gotohells)
  11. High Balls (by Guttermouth)
  12. I’ve Been Everywhere (by Johnny Cash)