Ninja Gun “Restless Rubes”

Download “Restless Rubes” [mp3]


Ninja Gun may call Validosta, Georgia their residence, but Gainesville, Florida, is their home away from home. The band really cut their teeth playing around in Gainesville and throughout the process, the band has been adopted by the Floridian college town. Although, Gainesville has become synonymous with bands like Hot Water Music and Against Me, Ninja Gun may have more in common with Tom Petty, who lived in Gainesville before starting the Heartbreakers.

I am quick to tell those who will listen that the band has a lot in common with the Shins and Band of Horses, but I think what sets Ninja Gun apart is their Southern upbringing. The band writes concise, tuneful pop that rides the line between Classic Rock, Southern Rhythms, Indie Pop, and Americana with a slight punk influence. I welcome you to listen to the title track, “Restless Rubes”, which starts the album to get an idea of what I am talking about.

“Restless Rubes” is one my favorite albums of 2008 and I hope that everyone will lend an ear.