MIKE HALE “Lives Like Mine”

Download “Lives Like Mine” [mp3]


Both Mike Hale and Suburban Home Records had made the decision to give away his 2nd album away for free digitally in hopes that people everywhere might take advantage of the free music. We hope that if you like what you hear, you might consider purchasing a CD, an LP, or offering a donation.

And for those of you who have not yet taken advantage of our decision to give away Mike’s album for free, stop by liveslikemine.suburbanhomerecords.com.

Mike Hale’s first album came out on Asian Man and was a great debut album. With the release of “Lives LIke Mine”, Mike has outdone himself. The recording sounds perfect. The backing vocals (provided by Allyson Seconds, Kevin’s wife) remind me Juliana Hatfield backing Evan Dando back when they were both in the Lemonheads. Mike writes from the heart writing beautifully melancholy songs. I can think of very few artists that write the way Mike does and we are so honored to have released this album. We hope you give it a listen, download it for free, and consider purchasing a copy.

Listen to the album on Punknews.org (Full Album stream can be found here).

Download the album at liveslikemine.suburbanhomerecords.com.

And if your local record stores isn’t carrying it, please tell them to do so.

Our friends at If You Make It, have just posted Mike Hale’s Pink Couch Session; he performed “Lives Like Mine” and if you look closely you can see his Willie Nelson autograph on the body of the guitar.

Mike Hale – Lives Like Mine from If You Make It on Vimeo.