MICAH SCHANBEL “When The Stage Lights Go Dim”

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This past October, we announced that Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage had recorded his first solo album and that we would have copies of the limited edition CD pressing in our store. We sold through all 200 copies that came our way. Micah sold the rest of the pressing while doing dates on tour and we have since fielded our fair share of questions on how to get a copy. While the first pressing is sold out, we are excited to announce the re-release of “When the Stage Lights Go Dim” on Suburban Home.

The artwork has been changed as you can see. We will be releasing the album on CD, Vinyl and through a handful of deluxe sets. We have set a street date of March 9th, 2010 and expect to have pre-orders up around the middle of February. If you missed out on the live recording of Two Cow Garage’s Suburban Home 14th Anniversary performance, we will again offer a free download of the recording with orders of Micah’s album.

As we prepare the official Suburban Home release of “When the Stage Lights Go Dim”, Micah and Two Cow Garage will begin recording a new album. I cannot wait friends.

I feel like I should add that Micah’s solo album isn’t just a bunch of Two Cow Garage songs played acoustic. The album has its own feel and having had the opportunity to see Micah play live, he absolutely rocks out his songs in a way that is foreign to most singer/songwriters. The album made my tops of 2010 and it made a number of other top 10 lists. Autopsy and Romeo both picked “When the Stage Lights Go Dim” as their number 1 album of 2010. Also note that we at Suburban Home are gearing up our 2nd Suburban Home mixtape using Micah’s album as inspiration for the song selections.