LOVE ME DESTROYER “The Things Around Us Burn”

Download “Not If You Were The Last Sinner On Earth” [mp3]
Download “Things Around Us Burn” [mp3]


Love Me Destroyer started when local legends, Pinhead Circus(BYO Recording artist), called it quits. The band has overcome so much adversity over the past few years to become the band they are today. Lineup changes and personnel problems almost ended the band, but as the saying goes, the things that don’t kill us make us stronger. There is no question that Love Me Destroyer are stronger than ever and are poised to take on the world and the music industry with the release of “The Things Around us Burn”.

Love Me Destroyer’s new release is going to be an experiment for Suburban Home as we plan to completely re-write the rules of marketing with this album. No more expensive publicists that posture enthusiasm for bands they care nothing about. No more college radio pushes geared at music directors who only care about what Pitchfork Media tells them they should like. Every marketing dollar will instead be re-directed towards the people that actually care about music, the fans. Along with that idea, the Love Me Destroyer album will be priced at 10.98, something we think just make sense considering the music market landscape. Expect exciting things from Suburban Home and Love Me Destroyer.