Love Me Destroyer “Black Heart Affair”

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Every time I listen to LOVE ME DESTROYER’s disc, “Black Heart Affair” I am reminded of why I found punk rock so alluring in the first place. These guys carry with them a timeless sound of fast beats, buzzing guitars, driving bass lines, and lead vocals that you hang to almost instantaneously. Combining melody with sheer aggression, the end result is a well-worn, universal sound that no one should pass up. As talked about below, LOVE ME DESTROYER are hardly newcomers to the halls punk rock, with most of the band previously spending a decade playing in the sorely underappreciated PINHEAD CIRCUS (pick up all their releases on BYO!!). Nothing has come easy for these guys, and the scorching anthems on “Black Heart Affair” wear such scars proudly, from song to song. – Pastepunk