Suburban Home and Vinyl Collective are excited to be releasing the latest album by Southern, California’s Limbeck. We have been big fans of the band since they released “Hi Everything’s Great”. We actually tried to put out the vinyl for “Let’s Come Home”, but a weird set of circumstances made it difficult for Limbeck to commit to letting us put out the vinyl. Every time I would see the guys in Colorado, I would say, “Hey, we are always down if you ever need someone to put out your album on vinyl.” I guess our persistence paid off as the last time the band was in town, we made a handshake deal over beers to put out their self-titled upcoming album on wax. This new album could be their best material yet and that is huge praise as I absolutely love their last 2 albums. Limbeck seems to have refined their sound a bit and if I had to compare this latest recording to other bands, I would say take their last record and add a little bit Ben Kweller/the Shins.

The pressing is limited to 1,000 copies (500 on Platinum and 500 on Gold). It is our strong belief that this album deserves to receive Platinum and Gold status so it was necessary that we put the record out on these colors. The record will be pressed on 140-160 gram vinyl and the record jacks will have Spot Gloss Varnish. The artwork was done by the same person who did the Shins “Chutes Too Narrow” vinyl (Jesse Ledouxville).

Track Listing:
1. Trouble
2. Big Drag
3. Let Me Come Home
4. Bird Problems
5. Keepin’ Busy
6. Reading the Street Signs
7. Wake Up
8. Let’s Get Crazy
9. Your Story
10. Friends
11. Sunset Limited