Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground “S/t” dbl LP

Download “Hey Momma” [mp3]

Born after the unfortunate end (or hiatus) of Gatsbys American Dream, Kirk and Kyle began doing Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground. Although the band is still relatively new, they have released a live DVD, played Last Call with Carson Daly, and have gotten people talking all over the world. I got brought into the equation when their manager, Mike Kaminsky, dropped me a line about possibly doing the vinyl for their debut album. I asked to hear the songs and I was honestly floored. The songs are so well written, the instrumentation so vast, and the hooks just reach out and grab you. I usually cringe when someone compares a band to the Beatles, but this record sounds like what the Beatles may have sounded like had they recorded an album in 2007 in the Northwest.

This record defies classification, genre pigeonholing, or band comparisons. It is just fucking brilliant. I ask that no matter what kind of music you listen to, please give it a listen. I still can’t believe that we are releasing this album (double LP and digital download card, no CDs).

Pressing info:

200 on Rainbow Transparent vinyl
300 on Rainbow Milk vinyl
500 on Orange with Red speckles