Jr. Juggernaut “Ghost Poison”

Download “Another Two Weeks” [mp3]


“Ghost Poison” is the debut album of L.A. rockers, Jr. Juggernaut. I first heard about the band when talking to singer/songwriter, Jeff Caudill. He said that he thought I might like what Jr Juggernaut were doing based off of some of the records we had recently released. Shortly after that conversation, I received a CD from the band and as Jeff suggested, I loved what I heard. It wasn’t long after that I found out that I have known the drummer, Wal Rashidi, for years and years and that Jr. Juggernaut had been supporting many of the Southern California shows that Armchair Martian, Drag the River, and Two Cow Garage had played. Finding all this out pretty much sold me on the band.

I met up with the guys for lunch in L.A. when I went out to see the Playing Favorites’ release shows and I got along famously with all 3 members of Jr. Jugg. We decided that it would just make sense to work together. It wasn’t til this year’s south by southwest that I got to see the band play and they knocked my socks off. It just makes sense that they often shared a bill with Two Cow Garage and Armchair Martian because the band flat out rocks. If you dig Armchair and Two Cow, Jr Jugg fit somewhere in the middle of both bands. Loud guitars, straight forward rock and roll with a definite Americana vibe. I would never call them Country, as they are far too rocking (not that Country can’t rock), you get the idea.

I also want to add that this is the perfect soundtrack for a night at your favorite dive drinking PBR all night long.