Joey Cape “Bridge”

Download “Errands” [mp3]


Joey Cape is one of my favorite songwriters and when I first started Suburban Home, I would have never in a million years believe that one day, I would be releasing his first solo album. I am pinching myself as I write this, but I haven’t woken up. “Bridge” isn’t Joey’s first solo release as he put out a split album with Tony Sly on Fat, but this is his first full album of solo material. Hopefully for all of us, this will be the first of many to come. I have followed Joey’s songwriting since I first heard “Know it All” on a Fat Wreck Comp Ages ago, loved everything that followed with Lagwagon and then Bad Astronaut, and was lucky enough to release the Playing Favorites. I don’t know a songwriter that has a better track record and this solo album delivers in every way, shape, or form. I love the album as a fan and as a label, I am so fucking ecstatic that this will be out on Suburban Home / Vinyl Collective.

Also stop by Joey’s Myspace page to listen to “No Little Pill”. Some of the songs have been recorded as Lagwagon songs, but between you and me, they work better as solo tracks (and this is coming from a big Lagwagon fan).

The LPs will ship will in advance of the street date. We are offering the album on vinyl (300 on Chocolate Milk, 700 on Army Green)