In The Red “Volume 1.5″

After recording their debut album, “Volume 1″, the guys had a great idea to record all of the songs from their first album unplugged. The songs were reinterpreted by Mike and Matt and instead of electric guitars, there are acoustic guitars and unlike what you might expect, Matt also plays drums. The songs sound incredible and we decided to offer the 7″s as a subscription, 4 singles over 4 months. By purchasing this subscription, we will also send you a link to download the entire 8 songs as 320kbps mp3s. The links will be sent with the sending of the first 7″.

The pressing info is out of an edition of 300 copies on Red vinyl.

There is a test pressing contest for those of you who pre-order this subscription. Stay tuned as we will be setting up a page for this release and will post 2 songs each week for streaming starting this week.

You will really be surprised by how incredible this turned out. I absolutely love how this turned out. Artwork by Sten and all the 7″s look amazing.