This picture disc represents the first in a series of vinyl releases we have planned at Suburban Home. The concept is pretty simple. We find records we think are amazing and have not already been released on vinyl. We ask the band if we can release it and if we are lucky enough, they will say yes. We are only pressing 1,000 copies of this picture disc of which 200 will be split between the band and Equal Vision and 600 will be sold to distributors. So we will only have 200 to sell on our website. And of the 200 we sell on our site, the first 100 will be signed by the band! There will be a poster inserted with every single record which will be hand-numbered. Make sure you get a copy before they are all gone! Once we have sold every copy, the only place you will be able to find them will be on Ebay.

Fear Before The March Of Flames has forged its own path regardless of the current state of music. Formed in July 2002 the band set out to create a unique and relevant sonic experience. Drawing inspiration from the intricacies of Converge, the varied time signatures of Botch and the temperament of The Blood Brothers, they produced a distinctive combination of hardcore, metal and indie rock that was eclectic, fresh and frenetic. Fear b4 are easily one of the hardest working bands that I have had the experience to get to know and we count ourselves lucky that we have been able to become friends with the members of the band. Next time you see them on tour, ask them about Tom’s Home Cooking which has become our lunch spot whenever the guys are home from tour

Track Listing:

  1. Hey Kid I’m A Computer. Stop All The Downloading
  2. Should Have Stayed In The Shallows
  3. Consequences David, You’ll Meet Your Fate In The Styx
  4. Whisky Is All Right In Its Place, But Its Place Is In Hell
  5. The Story Of The Curious Oysters
  6. Absolutely Fabulous And Me
  7. The Long Road To The Middle
  8. The State Of Texas Vs Fear Before
  9. Law Of Averages
  10. A Tyrant Meets His Maker
  11. The God Awful Truth