DRAG THE RIVER “Hobo’s Demos” re-release

Download “Bug Country” [mp3]
Download “Disbelieve” [mp3]


Drag The River formed in 1996 when members Chad Price (of All) and Jon Snodgrass(of Armchair Martian) wrote and recorded a number of songs which were released as Hobo’s Demo’s in 2000. Forming as a fun side-project, Drag the River has become the main focus of both Chad and Jon. Hobo’s Demo’s is a landmark release. I still remember the first time I listened to it. I put it on and could not believe that

  1. I was listening to Country and
  2. I was enjoying this record as much as I was

I have since listened to this album a million times and can say that this album absolutely influenced my listening habits. When I had heard that Upland (the label that put this out originally) wasn’t really functioning on a day to day level, I contacted them about re-issuing all of the Drag the River back-catalog, Hobo’s Demo’s, Closed, and Chicken Demos. To my delight, we struck a deal and will be re-releasing each album over the next 6 months. I decided to re-release Hobo’s Demo’s first as this was my first introduction to the band. I hope this record means half as much to you as it does for me. It is an honor to have a hand in releasing Drag the River’s debut album.