AUSTIN LUCAS “Somebody Loves You”

Download “Somebody Loves You” [mp3]


I can hardly believe the circumstances that made this happen. It started with me listening to “Putting the Hammer Down” and “Bristle Ridge” and just loving what I heard so much, I decided to write Austin and ask if he would be interested in putting out an Under the Influence 7″. Much later after Austin had moved back to the states and while talking to Mike Hale, Mike had mentioned that Austin was bummed that I hadn’t written him back, something I didn’t realize had happened. I got his number from Mike, called up Austin and somehow, some way, we discussed the possibility of us working together.

After it was agreed that we would put out his next album, we had him fly out to Denver for our 13th Anniversary weekend. We had an absolute blast hanging out with Austin, hearing his stories, and watching him perform live. We again hung out with him when the Revival Tour came through Colorado and yet again when we went down to Gainesville for the Fest.

Austin spent the better part of December recording with his family at his father’s studio (the same studio that created “Bristle Ridge”). The 11 song album is absolutely amazing, one of the greatest albums we have been lucky enough to release; an album that I am sure will help Austin Lucas to find a ton of new fans.

Enough of me jawing on. This album is brilliant, it is beautiful, and it is absolutely powerful (in ways that you wouldn’t expect).