Yesterday’s Ring

Tim Barry
Back in December, I flew out to Chicago to meet and see the Montreal, Canadian band, Yesterdays’ Ring. I had mentioned that we had been discussing the possibility of working with them on the release of the upcoming album. After the trip and further discussion with Yesterday’s Ring, I can announce with great enthusiasm that we will be their label for the United States. We will be co-releasing “Diamonds in the Ditch” with Canadian label, Aquarius Records, and German label, Yo Yo Records.

I am so excited to be working with Yesterday’s Ring and know that everyone will love this new album. When we first started talking to the band, I truly felt that they would make a great fit on Suburban Home as they hover that middle ground between Tim Barry and Two Cow Garage. They marry the energy and intensity of Punk Rock while bringing the storytelling and vibe of Alt-Country. They bring the thunder live and are really great people, too.