The Takers

The Takers
The Takers are a 6 piece Outlaw Country band from Gainesville, Florida. I had the opportunity to meet the guys at this year’s Fest and not only did their live performances blow me away, I really connected with them as people (the most important aspect to me).

Coody from Ninja Gun first told me about the Takers. He had mentioned that they were a really great band from Gainesville and that I would like them. He had said that both Peanut and Ronnie from Whiskey & Co were also in the band and I had already become friends with Peanut since he runs Barracuda Sound who we coreleased “Restless Rubes” vinyl with. Our friend and favorite photographer, Jana Miller, too spoke highly of the Takers. This lead to some email and phone conversations with the Taker’s singer, Devon. Over the phone, we hit if off really well and after going back and forth, we agreed to put out the “Curse of a Drunk” single. We both agreed that before we make a decision to do anything further, we should hang out and make sure we got along.

From the very first night out at the Fest, I knew that we would get along famously. Devon went out drinking with us nearly every night. After one particular night, I get the following text from Devon, “Last Night, I Went to Take a Shit and I was so drunk, I Puked”. We all had a big laugh and I thought for him to share that with us after only knowing each other for such a short time, this was a guy after my own heart. I went and saw Devon play a solo set on Saturday night and he has such a powerful voice. He kept playing new songs and each one was better than the previous one. He also did a John Prine cover which was is always a plus.

That next night, I saw the entire band play at Common Grounds, a show that also featured Suburban Home acts, Austin Lucas, Josh Small, Two Cow Garage, and Drag the River. They absolutely rocked it, their live show definitely brings the thunder and I would like go on record as saying that they are one of the heaviest Country bands out there. I got to meet pretty much all of the guys in the band and they are all really good folks.

I am really excited. I love this band. I think they fit in perfectly in between Drag the River, Two Cow Garage, and Tim Barry. I mentioned before that they would have fit in well with Waylon and Willie and I stand by that.