Suburban Home to release Nightmares for a Week “Civilian War” on March 26th

We’d like to introduce you to Nightmares for a Week. They are one of our favorite bands who happen to call Kingston, New York home. Please follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and make sure you familiarize yourself with their music via Bandcamp.

We have some really exciting news. On March 26th, we will be releasing the new album by Nightmares for a Week, “Civilian War”. The album will be released digitally by Broken English. We will be helping NFAW release the album on vinyl and CD. The vinyl will be out of an edition of 500 copies on random colored vinyl (through Gotta Groove). There will be no pre-order. We will start taking orders when the records arrive. We’ve been big fans of the band for years and still can’t believe we will have a hand in putting out this record.

Property of Zack recently posted a video of Nightmares for a Week in the Nada Recording Studio discussing their new album and its release date. Check it out as there are snippets from the new album. mp3s to be posted soon.