Suburban Home adopts Alone at 3AM, Will Help Release “Midwest Mess”, Listen to 3 songs

Suburban Home has adopted Ohio band, Alone at 3AM. We will be helping Alone at 3AM to release their new album, “Midwest Mess” which will be released in January/February 2012. Until then, we ask you to please enjoy the 3 tracks from their upcoming 7″ release, “From An Ohio Basement”, a collection of B-sides from the band’s past decade of recordings.

Alone at 3AM – From An Ohio Basement by Suburban Home Records

I was first contacted by Alone at 3AM’s manager, Brian Penick, at the Counter Rhythm Group. He said that Alone at 3AM was planning to make it out to this year’s Denver UMS festival and that we should meet. He sent over some music (roughs from the upcoming album) and mentioned their interest in working with Suburban Home. The band played an incredible set at 3 Kings Tavern and the next day, we had lunch at Watercourse Foods. We had a great conversation about things, it was funny how many of the same people we all knew. Later that night, they stuck around in Denver and Brian and 2 of the members of Alone at 3AM came out drinking with me. We all got pretty rowdy, saw lots of music, and just had the best time. I’ve said it countless times, but I’ll say it again. Obviously, the music is an important element of who I choose to work with at Suburban Home, but the personalities of the band members and how well I get along with them is equally as important. I can say without hesitation that Alone at 3AM embody everything I look for in a band on Suburban Home. I’m excited to be working with them. I hope you give these 3 songs a listen and know that the songs from the new album is blow these songs away (even though these songs are great).

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