This Charming Man “Every Little Secret” pre-order announced

I’m proud to announce the pre-order for This Charming Man’s “Every Little Secret”. Previous to forming The Gaslight Anthem, Brian Fallon was the singer of the punk rock outfit This Charming Man. This Charming Man’s debut EP, “Every Little Secret” is filled with catchy sing-a-long hooks and unforgettable lyrics. “Every Little Secret” is the only documentation of this short lived band and this vinyl release not only has the 6 songs from the original release, but it also has 4 untitled demos that were never released. The pre-order will happen on Wednesday, August 3rd at Noon EST, 10am MST. This release is extremely limited due to the fact that this will be 1 of the final 2 Vinyl Cooperative releases. The pressing is 333 on black vinyl, 667 on brown vinyl and while I can’t . Due to copies going directly to coop members, the band, and XoXo who released the record originally, there will only be around 70 copies on black and 500 copies on brown for sale. The pre-order will happen in the Suburban Home store at Shopradiocast. I would appreciate if if you did not buy more than 1 copy of each variant. Shopradiocast will be the only place this record will be available other than possibly XoXo or Brian Fallon/Gaslight Anthem. I will have a direct link to the item the morning of the 3rd. There will be a test press contest to go along with this. Good luck.

One last thing, this release is done and is currently shipping to Suburban Home and Shopradiocast. While this is a pre-order, copies could ship as soon as Friday.