Suburban Home resurrects the Drunk Dial Hotline, New # 720-457-4732

We had been experiencing a number of problems with our Drunk Dial Hotline. After doing a little bit of research, we discovered that the number was reassigned to another Skype member. I bitched and moaned and the folks at Skype claimed that we were notified that the number expired and would be reassigned. We got nowhere with our inquiries so we decided to move forward and today, we purchased a new phone number. The number is:

720-457-4732 (720-45SHREC)

PLEASE put this number in your phone and/or replace the old drunk dial hotline number with this number.

It is Thursday night and I am getting together with some buddies to drink some beer. I might have to test out the number tonight. If you are planning on doing some drinking tonight, I recommend you give the hotline a call.

And know that we plan to use the hotline for more than just drunk dials. We will be asking your opinions on various topics and ask for you to call in with your thoughts. Stay tuned.