Suburban Home adopts HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, distributes their album, posts full album stream

HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL “Postcards from the Friendly City” CD

Much like we did with Two Cow Garage when they self-released III, we have decided to adopt Have Gun Will Travel with release of “Postcards from the Friendly City”, their 2nd album. We first heard about Have Gun Will Travel from our friends at who sent us a copy of the record. I quickly fell in love with the album and the band’s ability to mix rootsy Country music with indie pop vocals (Think of a mix of the Shins, Avett Brothers, and maybe Slobberbone). The Takers did a run of dates with Have Gun Will Travel and they too were touting the band as the best thing since PBR. I loved the album so much I put it in my top albums of 2009 (as did Autopsy from Nine Bullets who put it as #3). I spoke with the band about their plans and it sounds like the summer of 2010 will see the band hitting the road and having a go at it. I figured we should do our part and tell the world about a band we just think the world of. We will be carrying Have Gun Will Travel’s CD, will be helping them with distribution, and we are talking about co-releasing their vinyl.

If you are a fan of what we do, I recommend you give the album a listen (I have posted a full album stream at the bottom of this post). I think it will be right up your alley. I put “Salad Days” on my mix tape “Raising Hell and Living Cheap”; it is track 14 if you have the mix at home. Please listen to Have Gun Will Travel and if you like what you hear, pick up a copy and share the stream with others. I have 60 copies of their album being shipped today to us which we should have in by late next week. The band is repressing the CD for the official street date of 2/9/2010. Let us know what you think.