Drunk Dials: The Drunkest Drunk Dialer Calls Back! Whiskey? Shotgunator? Austrlian Chad Price fan

The Drunkest Drunk Dialer in our history calls back and apologizes for his previous call, while drunk. He has his good buddy join in as they trade off talking to the Drunk Dial Hotline. It is long, but it is a really good call. Another caller asks for a good whiskey suggestion, may I suggest Stranahans? It is the best whiskey on the planet. That same caller mentions how stoked he is that the shotgunator has a bottle opener. I think Tony from No Idea called to say that Natural Light is the best beer. An Australian fan called drunk having issues ordering the new Chad Price album; hope you got it to work. A few callers mentioned that Suburban Home is a great label…Thanks!

Keep calling drunk dialers. The number is 303-800-6384. Put that shit in your phone before you go out this weekend!