Drunk Dials: The Baby was with the Sitter,National League Nut Lickers,Billy and Look Mexico sing

Got in a good batch of Drunk Dials. The husband of a previous drunk dialer (his wife) who called asking where her child was, he called to explain that their son was safe and they just got hammered. He also explained that he is a big Takers fan. Got a few callers calling about food (del taco, taco bell, pizza, and others). Other calls include a call about the All-Star baseball game (the National League Nut Lickers), Billy from Wading Girl and Look Mexico serenade us. Another caller calls with love for Suburban Home and me, I love you too!!! Another caller calls to tell us about Audra Mae (recent Side One signing). Lots of good calls. Spend a little time and take a listen.

And with the weekend now here, get your drink on, put 303-800-6384 into your phone, and drunk dial us. Our favorite drunk dials will get posted.