Drunk Dials: “I Have This Great Idea, Don’t Let me Forget”; “Where Is My Baby?”, “My Penis is Huge”

This past week, we found a new application for the Drunk Dial Hotline. Call us drunk with your great ideas and we will help you remember. What do you think? Someone called with a “Great Idea”. Another caller, a drunk mother, asked, “Where is My Baby?” but luckily the baby was at the babysitter. Yet another caller called upset that we didn’t post their drunk dial from the previous week when he got interrupted by someone screaming, “My Penis is Huge”. And the caller that called to give a shout out about “Reverse Happy Hour”, what is that?

Those of you getting drunk this weekend/week, make sure you have our Drunk Dial Hotline in your number. The number is 303-800-6384. Call us with what is on your mind. Shit, I should have called last night. Have a great weekend my drunk friends.