Drunk Dials from the past week, Shotgunator news

Here are the latest and greatest drunk dials from the past week. Being in San Diego all last week and being drunk pretty much every night, I should have called the hotline myself. Don’t you forget to call the next time you are drunk. Call 303-800-6384 (6DUI) the next time you are out and drunk. Put this number on your phone!

And in related news, the Shotgunator is making it into retail destinations we never would have imagined. While at Narm, Amazon.com said they would be happy to carry the shotgunator. Met with indie retailers around the world who are all really receptive, too. Interpunk is now carrying them. So is the Hi-Dive and 3 kings Tavern. And our new German distributor, Cargo Germany will soon be stocking them, too! Do you have your shotgunator yet? Buy one at the above places or directly from us.