New Drunk Dial embeddable player/New Drunk Dials

You had to know that when Ralph engineered our embeddable streaming player, we would eventually bring that technology to the Drunk Dial Hotline. Rejoice in the fact that our Drunk Dial player can now be shared on any site that allows html. Put it on your myspace bulletins or blogs, put it on your own blog, put it wherever you can. Use it to announce that this weekend, you and all your friends should call the drunk dial hotline and share with them examples of what drunks around the world are doing.

Enjoy this latest batch of drunk dials and remember, your friends don’t want you calling them at 3am. WE DO! Put 303-800-6DUI (6384) in your phone and call us this weekend. Make sure you think about a topic before calling and calls are better if they are not super long! Have a safe, drunk weekend!