New Shotgunator packaging, Video How to Shotgun a Beer

Today is a proud day at Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective. We are excited to be unveiling the new packaging for our shotgunators (check out the video below and the picture). The card that seals the bag that contains the shotgunator has instructions on how to shotgun a beer and the card opens up to give you a business card for our Drunk Dial Hotline. Because of the packaging, we are charging a dollar more in our store and will soon be offering them to our distributors with the hope that mom and pop stores carry the Shotgunator! Do you have a shotgunator yet? What are you waiting for?

The Youtube video finds Brandon showing off the new Shotgunator packaging and he reads from the instructions to shotgun a beer (looks like Brandon can use a little practice on Shotgunning beers).

Suburban Home SHOTGUNATOR black