Drunk Dials: Only Thunder at Carls Jr,Ben Weasel is not Lee Ving

We got 5 pretty interesting calls over the past few days. The first is a call from our own Andy Thomas who is on tour with his band, Only Thunder, who are touring with the Revenge. Sounds like their tour manager was puking and out of commission while the guys were getting grub at Carls Jr. Hope tour is going well. Got a fan of Jon Snodgrass’ Catfish Noodlin. Got another guy who had the best dog ever. One caller calls to tell his thoughts on Jughead being denied by the new reincarnation of Screeching Weasel. The last call is a caller singing about Jack Daniels. Good times.

The weekend is almost upon us. Do you have the drunk dial hotline in your phone? 303-800-6384(6DUI). Call us soon!