Drunk Dials: Look Mexico “California” / Dante 3000 channels Slingblade

If anyone doesn’t know, we love Look Mexico. They are a phenomenal band and some of our favorite Drunk Dialers. Instead of jibber jabbering along, they call and sing songs with everyone they happen to be partying with. They did so with Wading Girl back in January and did so again with some friends the other night. This time, they sing “California’, the theme song to the O.C. which I assume happened as a result of them touring through the state. Looking forward to partying with you guys on Thursday. Everyone, come see them play with Frank Turner and Chad Price on Thursday, April 2nd at the Marquis Theater in Denver.

The next two calls are from our buddy Dante 3000 (or Richard Verducci) depending on how you know him. Coincidentally I post these drunk dials together because Dante was calling after boozing with Frank Turner and Look Mexico in Northern California. What I find funniest about his two calls is that I swear he is channeling his inner Slingblade with these calls. Thanks for the calls Dante and thanks for the Austin Lucas love; let’s hope Punknews posts the review.

Future Drunk Dialers, make sure you put 303-800-6384 (6DUI) in your phone for that next night out boozing.