Drunk Dials: Coody (Ninja Gun),Tim Barry fans,Cody Wyoming

The drunk dial hotline is definitely gaining steam. We got a ton of calls over the weekend. We took a little break from our busy day to listen to them and posted 6 of our favorites from the weekend.

The first caller explains how he would like to hear Joey Cape do more Bad Astronaut and Joey Cape solo tunes when he plays live.

Our 2nd caller is our very own Coody from Ninja Gun. Coody isn’t the biggest boozer, but on this particular night it sounds like he tossed at least a few back. His very nice girlfriend was cooking him up some Tortino’s party pizza. Sounds like someone was kind enough to drive him to his girlfriends and on the drive, Coody discusses the next Ninja Gun album (Time and a half), coming to grips with his age, mac and cheese, and music. Gotta love Coody.

The 3rd and 4th calls are made by a group of drunken Tim Barry fans. Sounds like they hit two Tim Barry shows and called after each one.

The 5th and 6th calls are from our favorite re-occuring drunk dialer, Miss Cody Wyoming. The first call clocks in at 10 minutes, but it is an interesting listen all the way through. Miss Cody Wyoming, we all heart you at Suburban Home. Keep those calls coming.

And if you have yet to call, make sure you put (303) 800-6DUI in your phone for the next time you are drunk and want to call.