Drunk Dial: Jr. Juggernaut too loud for San Luis Obispo

Suburban Home rockers, Jr. Juggernaut are doing a handful of shows with Two Cow Garage and Michael Dean Damron and during Jr Jugg’s set Tuesday night at Mother’s in San Luis Obispo, they had the plug pulled on their set. Mike Williamson (singer of the band) called the Drunk Dial Hotline after this happened from the front of the venue as they were asked to leave the venue. Here is his call and below is his explanation:

They pulled the plug on our set. Turned out the lights and turned off the PA. This is partly because, when they told us to “turn down or leave the stage” I went into a spiel onstage about how the owner of the club was “fucking weak”. So after they pulled the plug on the PA and I couldn’t sing anymore, I turned my guitar amp up as loud as it would go and did a guitar solo for 3 minutes just to piss them off.

TWO COW played…But Micah had to play on an acoustic guitar!!!

It is funny that in one week, 2 of our acts were too loud for their respective venues. Either way, thanks Mike for the call. And thanks Kevin for the great suggestion. I love Michael Dean Damron and was a huge fan of I Can Lick Any SonofaBitch in the House.

And if your home stereo can handle loud music, make sure you pick up Jr. Juggernaut’s and Two Cow Garage’s latest albums. And go see both bands when they come to your town (just bring ear plugs!)