Drunk Dials: Nick from Dead Format/Future Foodnetwork star

Got two calls from some Wednesday night boozing. The first is from our friend Nick from DeadFormat.net. Sounds like he had a pretty long night but while drunk, he definitely had a clearer head then most of our drunk dialers. Halfway through the call, he recognizes that the call might not be drunk dial gold, but right after, he suggets that the King of Burgers should deliver breakfast to the late night boozers around the world. Great suggestion! He also does a bit of an drunk dial infomercial for his label and his first release for Arms Aloft.

Our 2nd call is from one of our buddies, Charlie. He recently did a few segments for our local 7 news. He is a great chef for the Red Room and they invited him to do a few cooking segments. I saw the segments which went really well and sounds like Channel 7 also dug it enough to invite him back twice a month. As he suggests, it all starts with Channel 7, but you never know, Foodnetwork could be next. Congrats Charlie!