Suburban Home signs Useless I.D.

We are really excited to announce that we have worked out an arrangement with Useless I.D. to release their upcoming album, “The Lost Broken Bones” in North America. We will be putting out the album on vinyl, CD, and digitally and could not be more stoked. I have been listening to the album quite a bit and even this early on, I have no problem saying that this is the greatest recording of their career.

I first met Useless I.D. when I was out on the Warped tour with the Gamits back in the day. We ended up having our tent next to theirs and we quickly became friends. I remember on at least a one occasion getting really drunk around those guys when the Gamits had called it quits in the middle of Warped and they were there for moral support. Chris from the Gamits even sang on a track on their last album, Redemption.

I ran into Ishay and Guy from Useless I.D. earlier this year in Ft Collins (of all places) while the band were recording their album at the Blasting Room. I was in the middle of the Drag the River reunion weekend and they had come out to the show after a day of recording. They had mentioned that they were looking for a label in the states to release their new album and I was way into the idea. We have been talking on and off since then and today, we have come to an agreement.

Suburban Home will release the Israeli band’s newest album, “The Lost Broken Bones” October of 2008.