A Festivus Miracle! Drag the River to play 3 shows in January for Album Release Parties!

Although we have yet to have our Festivus Dinner, Airing of Grievances, or Feats of Strength, we have been delivered a Festivus miracle. Drag the River will reunite in January to celebrate the release of their upcoming album, “You Can’t Live This Way”.

When the band went their separate ways earlier this year, it just didn’t feel right. I mentioned this to anyone who would listen and as we prepared for the release of, in my opinion, Drag the River’s greatest album, I talked to both Chad and Jon about the possibility of playing a few shows to celebrate the album’s release. I told them that I absolutely missed Drag the River and felt that all of us Drag the River fans needed another opportunity to drink way too many beers and to sing along at the top of our lungs to some of the greatest songs ever written.

Somehow my persistence paid off. Jon and Chad are set to play shows in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Ft. Collins, and if you are not already booking your plane tickets, I will expect you to be driving out to Colorado to see the shows. This is going to be the greatest weekend of 2008!

So far, we have booked 3 Kings Tavern on Friday, January 25th, but we will soon announce shows in Colorado Springs and Ft Collins as well as how you can buy advanced tickets. As an added bonus, Scott Reynolds and the Steaming Beast will play all 3 shows in Colorado to support his upcoming album, “Adventure Boy”. Fuck yeah!