Suburban Home says bye to On Guard, Says Hello to LaGrecia

As some of you may have noticed, the On Guard myspace page was recently taken down. This lead some to think that Jason had thrown in the towel on the still young solo project. It is true that On Guard, the solo project, is no longer, but the ashes of On Guard has birthed LaGrecia. Jason had this to say on name change:

“Dana and I have been writing and it’s going way better than I had hoped. It’s some of the coolest shit I’ve done (but then again i say that about everything new). I think we are actually gonna be a band. I thought it unfair to dictate the name of the group just because I was doing it solo.”

The band found inspiration on a recent trip to Richmond and LaGrecia was born. Next up for the band is finding a bass player and once that happens, the band will begin recording their debut album.

I can’t wait!