Suburban Home announces Drunk Dial Hotline!

So it’s 3 am and you are drunk. You feel like chatting, but all of your friends are already in bed and they were pissed at you for the last time you woke them up after a bender. Now you can call the Suburban Home Records’ Drunk Dial Hotline! Grab your cell phone and punch this phone number into your address book, 303-800-6DUI(6384). The next time you are out and drunk and feel like saying what’s on your mind, give us a call. This number has been dedicated to capturing your drunk dials and we hope it becomes a forum for you to tell us what you think about Suburban Home, our bands, life, religion, politics, your asshole friends, how terrible Aiden is, the latest episode of Lost, or whatever happens to cross your mind. We will review all of the drunk dials and post the very best ones as mp3s!

You will also be able to subscribe to our feed through Itunes or any mp3 Aggregator. Just type in our feed,, into Itunes and you will get new drunk dials sent directly to your library. (more detailed info on how to do this can be found here.
Here are a couple of samples of some drunk dial mp3s. The first is our very own Kyle Pedersen calling me after some birthday celebrations at Illegal Petes. The 2nd is Love Me Destroyer’s Scooter calling (not drunk, mind you), but somehow distracted. We will be posting future drunk dials on our blog so stay tuned!

Kyle’s Drunk Dial (it is tough to decipher through all of the slurring, but note that there are mentions of the time (3 a.m.) and something about Bobby (kyle’s friend) talking to a 17 year old.)

Scooter losing his train of thought